This website is about words. Written words have a special power. They give birth to images, sounds and smells, challenging all your senses in creating a new world around you. They allow you to escape into this wonderland where you can be any kind of character you want, from an adventurer to a warrior.

Many have underestimated the power of words and many more have failed to understand them. But those few who managed to grasp their sense, those are the lucky ones, the chosen ones to enter a world of magic and fantasy.

On this website there will be words, lots of them. And there will be images. The images do not belong to me, as they belong to their respective creators. The words belong to me though. All the quotes and the stories are written by me, if not mentioned otherwise.

I hope you will all enjoy reading them and don’t forget to dream!

© 2016 Cristina Miru. All rights reserved.