Gods of Destiny


Here is where the ninjas, spies and bodyguards of the country were trained. The people here were fast and cunning but not without honor. [continue reading]

Chapter One

Ayame was 17 and was now enjoying one of the rare moments when she was allowed to go outside of the castle. Now, she was sitting on top of a tree, scanning the horizon. Climbing trees was one of her favorite activities, second only to sword fighting. These were not the usual activities a princess should have but, then again, Ayame was a rather unusual princess. [continue reading]

Chapter Two

There was a pause, in which everybody seemed focused on their own food, but in reality they were thinking of the unexpected situation. A visit like this was a very big deal, especially in a time like this. The war didn’t help anyone and even if they won a few battles, the Eastern Land was still far from obtaining victory. [continue reading]

Chapter Three

The welcoming ceremony was now over. The Emperor and the Regent were taking a walk around the Outer Palace Park. They were followed by Ayame and Kenji’s lieutenant, who were walking a few meters behind, side by side in silence. The weather was still beautiful and, even though breezy, it didn’t feel too cold. [continue reading]

Chapter Four

In the morning, the entire complex was in an uproar. Servants were running around talking loudly, cleaning the courtyards and all the rooms. In the kitchen there was an indescribable agitation, as the men and women were cooking and getting all the dishes ready for the banquet. Nothing and no one was speared from this uproar. [continue reading]

Chapter Five

Coming soon ^^